Laser Engrave Round Materials w/ Jordan

10/11/2023 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM CT


  • $70.00


Austin, TX


In this class you will learn how to safely and accurately engrave curved / round materials on the Pearl laser using the 4th axis (rotary) tool. You will learn how to attach the rotary axis, operate the Pearl laser with the rotary axis, and then return the Pearl to normal functions for makerspace users after removing the axis. At the end of the class you will take home an engraved item that you create.


If you want to laser engrave round items like drinking glasses. wine glasses, mugs, glazed pottery, vases or round wooden vessels this class will give you hands-on instruction to be successful.  In this 90 minute session you will set up the 4th axis attachment, adjust the settings in Corel to use the rotary axis, correctly place the drawing then engrave.  Each attendee will take turns setting things up and engrave an item to take home.  As part of the class fee we will furnish you with a wine glass.  At the end of the class we cover the proper shut down steps to return Pearl to its normal status

Sample Items from Class:

Wine Glass with an outline of the Austin skyline


Glazed ceramic pot with stain to highlight engraving