Woodshop Specialty Tools w/ Charlie

10/07/2023 12:30 PM - 02:30 PM CT


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The Festool Domino DF500 provides a quick way to create floating tenon joints in a variety of applications. Key uses are in cabinetry, frames, building table tops, joining table legs to aprons, drawers, and boxes.

Track saws are a great tool for making long, accurate cuts when you need to bring the tool to the workpiece. This is especially useful on sheet goods and large panels.


Interested in a wood joinery option that is straightforward and repeatable?  Joinery based on the Festool DF500 can, when properly set up, make quick and accurate joints in a wide variety of applications.  In this hands-on class we will focus on creating four basic joints types: butt, miter, side (table top), and cabinet.  

Festool Domino DF500


Setting up the DF500

DF500 controls 

Best practices for success

Use of the included alignment attachments

Four joint types and practice

Packing up the DF500


In addition to the Domino, this class will also cover use of our Makita track saw. Track saws are a powerful tool for making long, accurate cuts, especially on materials that are too unwieldy to cut on the table saw.

Topics we will cover on the track saw include:

  • Setting up the track
  • Using the proper support for the workpiece (e.g. foam board)
  • Properly adjusting plunge depth
  • Properly adjusting the grip of the saw on the track rails
  • Making standard cuts (90 degree and bevel cuts)
  • Making plunge cuts