Beginner CNC Router w/ James

06/23/2023 06:00 PM - 06/24/2023 09:00 PM CT


  • $200.00


Learn to use the Laguna CNC routers at Asmbly. This course is a two-part course that will take place on two evenings in the same week.


Asmbly has two Laguna CNC routers with different capabilities but near identical workflows.  In this two part class over two evenings, you will learn the basic software, as well as bits to use, materials and speeds, and layout on the machines.

Day 1 is a online meeting for all computer lessons.  Day 2 is in person and includes setting up the machine, saving g-code, and running the machine.  Completion of Day 1 is a prerequisite for taking Day 2.



You must wear eye protection while using the CNC router. Please remember to bring a notepad or another way that you can take notes during the class.  


Part 1 (Friday 6-8:30 PM on Zoom)

Part 2 (Sat 4-7 PM in person at Asmbly Makerspace)