Laguna CNC Recertification w/ Maz

11/28/2022 07:00 PM - 07:45 PM CT


  • Free


Austin, TX


This class is only for eligible members with an active membership. Members must have taken a CNC class at Asmbly and have experience using the previous CNC at Asmbly to qualify for this class.


This recertification class is only open to qualifying members.  To participate in the class, members are expected to have a solid understanding of the previous CNC machine and related software.  The recertification won’t cover designing files or creating toolpaths.  Please only sign up for this class if you are comfortable with all aspects of the machine, from design to cut. 

Recertification classes will only be offered until 11/30/22, after which all members will be required to take the new beginner class to gain clearance for using the Laguna CNCs at Asmbly.


Eligibility requirements:

  • Active Asmbly membership
  • Previous Neon registration in a CNC class at Asmbly
  • Experience with CNC use at Asmbly (measured by Skedda bookings since October 2021)


NOTE:  Refresher classes will be available for active members who have taken a CNC class, but have less CNC experience and need a more thorough refresher on the machine.  These classes will begin on 10/22/22.